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What is ROAD TRIP?
---> It's exactly what you think it is...we take you on a road trip (day trip) to explore a particular destination (of the month). Together, we will make interesting pit stops along the way and show you places you probably have not yet seen in Thailand! Not to mention, enjoy some fantastic local food famous in those areas.

Who is ROAD TRIP for?
---> Bangkokians! (locals, expats, visiting family, visiting guests, etc...). The trips we have organized are NOT designed for tourists. It's not off-the-shelf destinations but rather places we have personally explored and thought it's worthwhile to share with you. This is for those of you who live in Bangkok, and want to take a break once a month. It's for those who want to find something exciting to do on a weekend. It's for those who have a passion for travel and appreciate new places to see. It's also a chance to make new friends, as we will be going together as a group. Added Bonus : Meet our team on these ROAD TRIPS, it'll be a pleasure!

When is ROAD TRIP and What's it gonna cost?
---> We have designed a day trip (and a few overnight trips) once a month. Through this monthly letter, we will let you know the new destinations every month. Cost per trip varies (depending on destination), and includes all arrangements. As mentioned before, this is really a special program for us and we have designed the programs to be as cost effective as possible. The main objective is to share this with people who have the same passion as we do!

Drop us an email or give us a call for your confirmation, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Road Trip Gallery
It's a great mix of the beautiful and what some might say the "oh-not-so-beautiful moments" from all the trips we've taken together. Great programs, Good fun, Yummy Food, Good friends!
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    Road Trip Moments  

What's Next?

April 2011

Road Trip

We have new programs every month, and we also do some re-runs so please check in with us to and we'll email you the latest programs (if you're not yet on our road trip mailing list).

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