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Road Trip Moments
Planning a trip for your family and spend some quality time with your family – just let us know what you all love to do as a family... >>
One of the most important days of your life is about to come (or has come!) and you want your honeymoon to be unforgettable... >>
If you are planning a trip within Asia but have never been before then let us give you some suggestions. We can show you the highlights of every destination – with the “must-sees” of places you have never visited before. >>
Bored of the usual tours and programs? We can help you plan a trip that is “off the beaten track” so to speak… >>
At Connecting-Asia, we make travel simple, worry-free and fun for our leisure and corporate customers. Our goal is to provide you with the professional and personal service that will help you get the best value and ensure that you enjoy a wonderful vacation! We work on each travel plan with the same attention to detail as if we were planning our own. >>
Ken Pearce: "I had heard that the coastline and islands in the Krabi area were beautiful and going purely on the guidebooks thought I'd like to spend a few nights at Rialay Beach. Your advice to make Au Nang Beach near Krabi our base in preference to Rialay was well given..." >>
Is photography your passion? Would you like to learn how to make authentic asian cusine? Do you find asian style architcture fascinating?
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